Why Receptionists are the most Important people in the Office

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

In recent years Co-working and Shared Office Spaces have become increasingly popular, which is why it’s more important now that ever to ensure you select a the staff that will represent you. When conducting interviews, be sure to ask questions to better understand who your reception staff are and what type of experience they have.

Your reception staff are often the most important individuals that a client, customer, industry partner or even competitor interacts with. They are often the first person that represents your business and are essentially the face and voice of your organization.

Consequently an experienced and impressionable reception staff play a critical role in the portrayal of your business.

Here are the top 5 reasons the staff at your shared office space should simply be the most important consideration when choosing your next office:

1) Great first impressions:

Receptionists are frequently the first person and oftentimes the only other individual that people will have contact with in a shared office environment. Their initial judgments of your business will ultimately depend on their experience and involvement with this individual.

First impressions are a main driving force in business, which is why your receptionist is an extremely influential person, as their appearance, conduct, knowledge, support and helpfulness reflect on your entire business.

2) Helpful and resourceful:

They generally have a solution for issues that manifest at the most inconvenient times. An extraordinary reception staff can think quick, tackle complexities, and guarantee that customers and clients feel that they're in great hands.

They can easily deal with difficult and tricky telephone calls and ensure that everyone's schedules are on track, keeping on top of everything that is required for your business to run smoothly.

3) Efficient and well rounded:

You can depend on an experienced receptionist for their efficiency and adaptability to new situations. The capacity to adjust to new circumstances quickly is possibly the most important attribute a great receptionist possesses. While most receptionists in the workplace will focus their own particular obligations and don't necessarily get engaged with other areas, a great receptionist will get engaged with everyone in the entire office.

They have a high level of consciousness for everything that is happening in the office and in your business. Receptionists that take a keen interest in your business and the environment are exceptionally educated and are well prepared to represent your organization, making them the perfect person for clients to go to with questions.

4) Possess invaluable organizational skills:

When it comes to receptionists, one of their primary functions should be to keep things organized, so you and your employees can truly focus on the work you’re really there to do and use your time wisely. Time management is critical for your business and needs to be a strong point for a extraordinary receptionist that is often juggling many jobs.

They always should know where to discover documents, reports, telephone numbers and email addresses you require without the slightest hesitation while multitasking. A good receptionist should consistently be available to take messages and connect with you and people that are vital to your business.

5) Great communicators:

Shared offices spaces offer a chance to mingle and this is where your receptionists communication skills can be your best asset. Great reception staff are continually eager to please customers needs and demands, as well as convey information clearly. Having a great reception staff means that they are great listeners, and are always willing to respond to clients needs and requests.

They know how to stay calm in difficult situations and will never become flustered at several ringing telephone lines, email demands and individuals waiting at the front work area. At HQ Office in Coquitlam we strive for excellence in everything we do. We understand how vital professional and experienced staff are to your business. We take great pride in representing so many exceptional businesses for the last 34+ years. Our ability to provide you with professional services that compliment and raise the bar for your company is what makes us a popular choice.

If you’re looking for a professional shared office environment with a dedicated, experienced team, we invite you to book a tour to visit our Coquitlam office located on Lincoln street, one block east of Lincoln Station. Discover why we’ve had such a long track record of success and if you’re in need of virtual services; a business address, mail handling and/or telephone answering services, call us today to speak with our friendly receptionists, and discover for yourself how we are giving business a competitive advantage.

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