Stop Wasting Time, Why Working From Home Isn’t Always The Best Idea

The phrases “remote work,” “co-working,” and “digital nomad” are becoming more trendy on the Internet. A lot of companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs just love the idea of working from home, typically from their bed or couch.

Of course, there are numerous benefits to working from home, and to some professions it is almost vital.

But working from home is less than ideal in most circumstances. Here are the top concerns expressed and experienced when working from home and how to avoid them:

1. Loss of productivity

If you’ve done it yourself, you know that working from home is not as simple as opening your laptop and getting down to business. Working from home exposes you to constant distractions such as the couch, your bed (naps), Netflix, virtual reality games, drum lessons, airline flight sale alerts, and whatever small distractions there are in a day.

You might believe you can multitask but switching repeatedly from one activity to another without a planned schedule when it is in fact counter-productive for most people. You need a dedicated office or workspace, with boundaries for your families and other interruptions.

Working outside the home, but closer to home on the other hand helps increase productivity and improves work/life balance:

- Marking a distinction between work and life. Having dedicated hours at the office will enable you to plan your day more effectively and draw the line as to when you need to see your family instead.

- There is no noise at the office, only your work.

- Sit down at a proper desk, and work among like-minded people in a structured atmosphere.

2. Lack of Human & Professional Interaction

Unlike the office, working from home usually implies working alone whilst facing a computer all day long. Unfortunately, reports have repeatedly shown how little regular interaction with humans decreases your productivity.

Additionally, the lack of interaction tends to create a lack of accountability. Whether you work for yourself of for an employer, working at home means that nobody is looking over your shoulder while you scroll over your Facebook feed in your underwear. Too many people want to work from home for the wrong reasons:

Don’t seek comfort and the chance to get away from being held accountable:

- Working in an office surrounded by other professionals will encourage you to work as hard as them. You feel less comfortable scrolling over your Facebook feed in your underwear when people are around.

- An office environment creates an energy and mindset that can only come from interacting with fellow workers.

- If you’ve ever encountered self-doubt as a small business owner you’re not alone. Ask your fellow co-workers about the softwares they use and how they deal with the problems you’re facing.

- Expand your network and meet people in your field and who know people in your field.

Faulty Communication

Working from home also means choosing to communicate over the phone with your colleagues and clients. Unfortunately, using virtual communication channels often mislead people.

This is radically different to meeting with your clients at a fixed location every now and then. You need to put a human face unto the people whom you work with, and vice versa, to better communicate your ideas. Body language is a major factor for sales. For example, you wouldn’t be able to truly assess whether a potential client seems convinced by the product you’ve just pitched over the phone. You need to see their gestures.

Here’s what having a dedicated office space can do to improve your communication:

- Everybody meeting in one place together is more efficient for clear things up.

- You’re not wasting time switching between various communication streams (messaging apps, video call software, project management tools, emails).

- Meet with your clients and put a face on them. Using body language increases your chances of landing a deal / selling your service, as opposed to speaking on the phone (associated with cold-calling)

- Meeting your clients in a professional and dedicated space gives a good image.

3. No Business Address

With only a personal address to your name, you lack credibility in the eyes of your clients.

You also exposes your home to the outside world, making it a public known place and less secure. Last, you will encounter much more solicitation to your home address which isn’t ideal.

We pride ourselves in supporting businesses and creating professional appearance, with full-time Receptionists for Telephone Answering, and secure Dedicated Mailboxes for your business address, Online Marketing and for SEO purposes (Google Map Business will not accept home addresses).

The part is that you don’t necessarily need an office to use our mail and/or telephone answering services.


Working from home should only be seen as a temporary time — not a permanent solution — where you can work to expand your small business — and it's only really a good idea if you’re disciplined enough to maintain strong boundaries.

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