Do You Really Need an Office Assistant? A Practical Guide

If you see anything you can outsource, do it. Your core business, what people are hiring you for, should be between 40 and 50 percent of your workload. Two areas commonly outsourced are administrative and financial tasks.

The idea of a real office assistant has been an attractive option for several years to help entrepreneurs, and small businesses achieve more in less time and at a lower cost. But the increased efficiency through Virtual Assistants is gaining traction as well.

Receptionist on your calls

A personal assistant’s primary task is to represent your business at all moments of the day. They will save you time by answering calls, whether they come from clients, colleagues and family, or from Advertisers. Using your schedule and personal CRM, general Administrative tasks, they are able to effectively respond to any inquiry.

Keeping You On Schedule

In a given day, you could have multiple meetings and calls with people from all over the world. If this is you, don’t waste your time keeping track of all of this yourself, your time is better spent and often time you’ll likely lose my mind -- and a valuable client or two.

You can try technological solutions like setting alarms and using task-management software but at the end of the day those don’t work unless you spend more time on them. Personal assistants help you out where apps fail. That means you can check in with your assistant, so you know exactly what you missed, and plan each day ahead.

Delegation of Smaller Tasks

A virtual services or virtual assistant is simply a remote worker who can handle both routine tasks and more complicated repetitive tasks for time-strapped business owners and entrepreneurs. For example, you need to have a web presence. Your website, your blog, your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Twitter—these are things that serve as marketing, that drive people to home base. Taking care of that yourself only divers your attention from the tasks you are best at. When you have a professionally trained, talented personal assistant to take care of these virtual services your business needs, one who learns your preferences over time, will often double your productive.

Balance Personal Life

You have to enjoy an entrepreneurial lifestyle and manage to return to a happy home. Numerous entrepreneurs struggle with relationships because they're unable to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

A personal assistant will carry weight off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s important in life. For example, having an assistant allows you to not pick up the phone at times when you feel exhausted or if you don’t want to be seen as the uncaring partner / parent.

Additionally, it can be lonely being a company founder. A personal assistant reads you like a book, knows when you’re down or not happy with something, and does their best to change this. At HQ Offices Coquitlam, we provide Receptionist, Office Assistants and Virtual Assistants capable of screening emails, handling customer service requests, monitoring and providing administrative services, and any number of tasks. If you’re looking for a remote Professional Assistant, our experienced team, we invite you contact us to or book a tour to visit our Coquitlam office located on Lincoln street, one block east of Lincoln Station.

At HQ Office in Coquitlam we strive for excellence in everything we do. We understand how vital professional and experienced staff are to your business. We take great pride in representing many exceptional businesses for the last 34+ years. Our ability to provide you with professional services that compliment and raise the bar for your company is what makes us a popular choice. Contact us today!



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