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Cathy from Imagine Counselling: Voice of Startups first podcast

The first Voice of Startups podcast created by the marketing team at Headquarters Office Services is now live! Listen here: https://www.voicesofstartups.com/podcast/episode/35f560dc/cathy-tremblay-imagine-counselling

If you don’t already know, listening to a podcast is like reading a book in less time and with minimum effort. You can listen to podcasts on the go and share them easily with others who might be interested.

On Voice of Startups podcasts, local SME's are interviewed, and the goal is to explore their journey from idea to inception. First up, Cathy of Imagine Counselling was interviewed. In this podcast, she discussed her background, education requirements, marketing and much more. Cathy’s story is interesting because she far surpassed her original goals, faced obstacles, and still feels she ended up where she was meant to be. Cathy's original goal was to work in a school setting as a youth worker. She now has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s degree in counselling with a specialization in art therapy, and is certified in EMDR therapy.

( It can sometimes be difficult to express feelings, experiences, and traumas through words. Art therapy can solve this problem; even if your not an artist, through artistic expression, a lot of inner emotion and turmoil will be exposed. Cathy is a professional at interpreting what her clients create in her counselling sessions. Consider giving art therapy a try if this interests you! )

The obstacles Cathy faced evidently pushed her to where she is today; living her purpose. When Cathy realized practicing as a youth worker would not be feasible for a single mom of two kids, she decided to apply for a Bachelor’s degree. When she felt too burnt out after completing her bachelors to pursue a teaching program (at this time she thought she wanted to be a teacher), she opted for a job at Douglas College. During her time there, she was inspired and motivated by her colleagues. She thought to herself; “If these people are going to grad school, why cant I?” It was then that she found a masters program in counselling with a specialization in art therapy. Upon completing the masters program, she landed a job in “The Yukon”, counselling students at Yukon College. She gained a lot of experience and enjoyed working in “The Yukon”, but when she returned to Vancouver, she had trouble landing a job in a counselling organization. This is when she was encouraged to start a private practice. She was hesitant at first, but she felt it was what she needed to do; she needed to follow her spirit and go her own way. She met Gisella De La Madrid who was also working for herself, and the two women decided to find a place where they could have their own office. They found Headquarters Office Services, and have been renting space ever since. The purpose of this podcast is for people to understand the different journeys that entrepreneurs have taken to find their way. We hope you can gain inspiration from this podcast or share it with someone you may know who is on their journey of startups.


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