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7 Tips to Increase Productivity

Making the most of our work day undoubtedly makes us feel productive. Sometimes a small behavioral change is enough to increase productivity, and hopefully something on this list can help make your day that much more productive.

A one-size-fits-all list never works, so feel free to tailor these tips to your objectives.

1. Take Back your Calendar

Avoid saying yes to offers that don't directly relate to what you're currently focusing on. These extra meetings can serve as a distraction and lead to stretching yourself too thin!

The key is to choose what to focus on wisely, and prioritize.

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities."

-Stephen Covey

2. Manage Your Email Effectively

If you receive a ton of emails, it's worthwhile to take inventory of types of emails received and respond accordingly. Sometimes important emails are overlooked when there are many in your inbox.

Step 1:

Try grouping emails into the following categories:

1. Email that needs response

2. Email that needs a response (not necessarily from you)

3. Email that doesn’t need a response

4. Emails from newsletters subscribed to and like to read

5. Email from people that added me to their mailing list without my permission

Step 2:

Create email response templates

i.e saying no to coffee, saying yes to an interview, conveying important information etc...

Step 3:

Pass email and templates along to an employee to answer for you (optional), or do it yourself.

We recommend you still read through your email, it should take roughly 20 mins per day if you enact this email management plan😁 It also solves the problem long term, rather than being a temporary solution.

3. Stop Procrastinating

You know that feeling when you know exactly what you need to do but you’re still putting it off?

Procrastination is deeply rooted in our psychology 🧠

Here are some tips that can combat the problem:

1. Just get started

2. Set achievable goals - accomplish one small goal before going to sleep each night

3. Verbalize your achievable goal; try posting it on social media - this may help to make the goal more real for you.

4. Get Macro-Focused

Focus on ONE project at a time—finish it completely and thoroughly.

Rather than having multiple projects on the go, focusing on one project will contribute to higher productivity.

You should be to get more done in less time following this approach, because rather than flipping between projects and wasting time refocusing your attention, your focus will be sustained on ONE project.

5. Get Micro-Focused

Once your have macro focused (decided which task to zero in on) time to get in the zone.

This can be increasingly difficult in this day and age, with an immense number of distractions.

It can be nearly impossible to get any real work done. Eliminate distractions for 20-45 minute periods, take a break, and refocus to maximize productivity.

Another tip is to spend your time on things that lead to sizable results and delegate more menial tasks (if possible) to employees.

6. Learn how to write (faster)

Writing can take up way too much time if you're not proficient. Aim to make your writing natural, flowing and easy to understand. Avoid complex jargon and get to the point! Becoming a better writer can make you a lot more productive, especially if you do any of the following at work:

-Outreach Emails

-Product descriptions

-Social media updates

-Blog posts

-Presentation slides

7. Stop Wasting time on Low Value Work

Some work leads to massive results – other work feels important but doesn’t really make an impact

A quote from Peter F. Drucker:

There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.

That's all for tips today... Oh! One final one:

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