• Julia Reis

4 Solutions for Effective Marketing in the Digital Age

Have you ever wondered what's next for marketing, in a world where offices are gradually being replaced by virtual offices?

Some businesses are working to cut costs through shared office space and hourly office rental, while bringing their business presence online through social media platforms.

Here are some solutions and insights into what will work for effective marketing in the digital age:

1. Utilize social media- ideal platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube, but aim to tailor which social media platforms you use to the goals and needs of your business.

2. Be easy to look up by your business name-In order for people to find your business online and navigate your services, clearly state your business name on all platforms and have an effective website.

3. Seek out and connect with your niche - The biggest advantage of social media marketing is the ability to reach specific demographics that may be interested in your business. It's also an advantage to be able to respond and engage with interested individuals, and have them share your business with their connections online.

4. Post diverse and engaging content frequently- In order to create engagement, post often and post diverse content, including video, polls, surveys, tips and quotes. This will also help you find out what your followers are interested in based on levels of engagement on each post.

If you want your business to be relevant and noticed in 2020, utilize social media. Also consider if hourly office rental works for you. There are options if you need to have in person meetings; boardroom rentals can be the perfect solution.


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