3 Reasons You Need A Virtual Office

It’s projected by the year 2020, 45% of Canada’s workforce will be self-employed. Traditional 9-to-5 jobs are becoming a thing of the past! If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or nonprofit, paying a higher rent for a traditional office (which has it's own benefits and we will touch on in our next post) may not make sense for you. Maybe your startup money is small, or you travel a lot. Either way, a virtual office might be your best bet.

What exactly is a virtual office? It’s a flexible office that provides services—like reception, customer service or boardrooms—to a business who doesn’t need the expense of a full time office.  

Here are three reasons a virtual office might work for you.

Virtual offices save you money

The cost of renting a flexible virtual office is a fraction of the cost of a renting a traditional office space. On average office spaces cost $70.00 CAD per square foot. Say you rent a 200-square feet office—that’s $1,167 CAD a month! Whereas a virtual office, like the kind Headquarters Office Services offers, will run you anywhere from $59 to $275 a month depending on the package. That’s almost an annual $10,000.00 in savings. Click here to see our affordable pricing options. 

Virtual offices are convenient

A virtual office means you leave the little stuff to us. Headquarters Office Services can handle your mail, manage web inquiries, answer calls and book appointments. This is in addition to letting you use our address for marketing collateral and offering you boardroom access and discounted office rentals. Think of it: Instead of hiring a receptionist, a customer service rep AND an assistant—which can total over $100,000 CAD a year—we do it all for you.

Virtual offices increase productivity

Though you and your employees work from home or travel a lot, having access to a physical office space may be a necessary option for group brainstorming sessions or meetings with clients. Headquarters Office Services offers a variety of office rentals for business use, presentations, and counselors that include high-speed internet, security, admin support, fax & copying, and use of kitchen. Contact us to learn more about hourly rentals, hourly office rentals and boardroom rentals. 


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